Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

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Written while watching About Time...and crying like I always do when I watch it.


music monday

I needed a playlist to get me into the 2019 groove, so this is what I've been listening to. It's filled with a number of new artists that I've recently discovered along with a few others who've been around the block. This is also the music that is fueling my current project.

I'm really digging the new Miley and Mark Ronson song, can't get enough of Lennon Stella, and always make time for some new Taylor. Oh, also, for good measure I threw in a little Mumford & Sons because, Mumford & Sons.


thank you tuesday

I just want to thank everyone who bought An Unexpected Christmas last month! I'm so beyond grateful for my readers and your continued support.

Also, thank you so, so, so much to everyone who reviewed it as well! I know it takes time and I'm beyond appreciative of your lovely, lovely words.

You guys are the best. Thanks for sticking around over the last few years. 



Read it Wednesday

My reading in 2018 was terrible. Not the books that I actually did read, those were fantastic. No, it was the number of books that was absolutely abysmal. So this year I'm going to be working on that and taking much more time to clear out my TBR shelf. 

Last year I'd attempted to do a reading challenge that I dubbed Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. I think I'm going to try and resurrect it this year and actually do it.

The old is something that has been on my TBR shelf for over a year. The new is something that was released within the last year. The borrowed is a recommendation. And the blue is a genre that I want to explore more, so my blue is going to be non-fiction.

I'm not going to do anything in any particular order, but I am going to rotate. The first up in my rotation? No clue, but I will keep you posted.

Any reading goals on your part? What's next on your agenda?  



What with last month's release of An Unexpected Christmas, it had me thinking about where all of this started over seven years ago with Undone. So I thought I'd throw it back with Brendan and Paige.

There’s nothing quite like a first kiss…

“How do you do it?” she asked, looking at him.

“Do what?”

“Accept stuff like that? Move on? I lost my job, my apartment, and my boyfriend all within a span of a few months and I thought that everything was falling down around me. But you? God, Brendan, you had a girlfriend run off with another man, your dad abandoned you, and your mom she …” Paige trailed off. She looked down at her empty hands shaking her head. “You make my problems look trivial.”

“Paige,” he said, edging closer to her and pressing his thigh against hers. 

She looked at him, her hair falling in her eyes. He reached out and pushed it behind her ear, letting his fingers trail down to her chin.

“That stuff happened over a long span of time, and I’ve had years to deal with it. You had to deal with a lot over a very short amount of time, and it didn’t happen so long ago. It isn’t trivial,” he said, rubbing his thumb across her jaw. “One day, you’ll wake up and it won’t hurt as bad. You’ll be able to move on.”

“I think I had that breakthrough a week ago,” she whispered, her eyes dipping to his mouth before they came back up to his eyes.

“Really?” He smiled, moving in closer. “And what was the catalyst for that development?” he asked, moving his hand to the back of her head, his fingers tunneling in her hair.

“A cracked radiator,” she said, putting her palms on his chest.

He brought her mouth to his. She parted her lips and when his tongue touched hers he lost himself. She tasted like oranges, like the sweetest freaking oranges that he’d ever eaten. He wrapped his free arm around her back, pulling her into his chest as he slanted his mouth over hers, deepening the kiss. One of her hands was in his hair, her nails racking the back of his head.

Brendan pulled back and looked at her, both of them breathing hard. He was still holding her face in one of his hands as he ran his thumb across her lower lip.

“That was …” He couldn’t even find the words to describe exactly what it was.

“Yeah.” She looked at him, dazed as she fisted her hand tighter in his shirt and pulled him back to her. And then they were off again and neither of them had any desire to come back up for air for a long time.


Freebie Friday

Last month I did a #GetABookGiveABook contest and it was so much fun that I'm going to do it again.

What's up for grabs this month? A copy of Undone. 

How can you win it? Just comment on any of the following posts and tag the person who you'd like to win a copy too.

*Contest Rules*

1.) Paper copies are for US winners only, Canada does qualify for eBook.

2.) Not responsible for items lost in the mail.

3.) Winners picked at random and will be announced on Wednesday.


Silverscreen Saturday

So another month has gone by and I still haven't been in a movie theater to see any of the movies that I want to watch. The few that I did see were the ones I watched from my sofa with my trusty companion by my side.

First up? Dumplin' on Netflix. I absolutely adored this movie. It was so good and made me cry ALL of the tears. Like, for reals. All. Of. Them. But they were the good kind of tears. Not emotionally devastated ones, but hopeful ones. Also, I love Jennifer Anniston. #TeamRachelGreen

The other movie that I loved? Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. So I grew up on the original one, and wasn't too thrilled with the idea of a remake. Who can top Robin Williams? But this most definitely wasn't a remake. It had me cracking up the entire time. Jack Black playing a teenage girl? Freaking hilarious. Plus, there was a little tribute to the original that I very much appreciated. 


Small Screen Sunday

Things that I will be watching this month:

Bodyguard on Netflix. Why? A.) Richard Madden (who I'm coincidently basing a character off of in my current book because he is HOTTTT. So it's totally research). B.) It's gotten quite a lot of buzz. C.) Richard Madden D.) I love a good suspense. E.) Have I mentioned Richard Madden?

The second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime. I'm a huge Amy Sherman-Palladino fan (Gilmore Girls junkie over here) and I loved the first season.

You on Netflix. I haven't read the book but the trailer was totally giving me Twilight with no vampires vibes. So, I'm in.

So as you can see, this Newsletter is a week late. My goal when I started it was to send it out on the first Monday of every month, but the holidays got the best of me and it's taken me a while to catch up with life (and clean my office to where I could actually use it). That being said, I'm excited for what's to come this year and I hope you stick around with me for the journey.

As always, I'd love to hear from you on Social Media. So stop by and let me know what you're doing this year. Any goals? Resolutions? Recommendations? Tell me all about it.


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