April Showers Bring Girl Power

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Written while listening to Game of Thrones podcasts…and theorizing ALL THE THINGS.


music monday

My music listening was very bad@$$ ladies heavy this month, and there were two ladies who were the prominent contenders.

First up is Sara Bareilles with her new album Amidst the Chaos. I've always been a Sara fan, right from the moment I heard "Love Song" way back in my junior year of college. I've never looked back since and always anxiously await whatever she has to release. I loves her.

Billie Eilish is a very much new to me artist. I really started paying attention to her after I heard "You Should See Me In a Crown" (a song that was used in a routine on World of Dance which I LOVE. Jennifer Lopez is ah-mazing). Billie's songs are a little darker and it's been good background music for my current WIP. When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? has been in the rotation the most with her, but I have been listening to some of her older music (which isn't all that old as homegirl is only seventeen, and clearly wickedly talented). 

Another thing I've been listening to A LOT (and that also has some lovely female vocalists featured) is For the Throne. This is an album that was inspired by Game of Thrones and has a number of my favorite musicians on it. First and foremost Mumford & Sons. If you're a fan of the show (like I clearly am) I'd check it out. It's helped with the week long wait between episodes.

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treat yo’ self tuesday

I have super thick, curly, long hair (a fact that will be changing this upcoming Saturday when I chop a good amount of it off). And with thick, curly, long hair comes great responsibility. There is also the fact that I live in Florida where the Spring motto should be humidity is coming. Another thing is I have a habit of finding a routine and doing that same routine until it no longer works for me. I've hit a hair roadblock this month (and have been dealing with a GIANT frizz patch) that has sent me into a remedy frenzy.

My favorite so far? The apple cider vinegar rinse

So the apple cider vinegar rinse is apparently a tried and true secret (or at least a secret to me as I JUST discovered it). From what I read, it is good for all hair types, the only thing is you need to find your ratio. You can use anywhere between 1/2 tbs to 4 tbs for every eight ounces of water. As I ordered two 6oz squeeze bottles from Amazon, I put 2 tbs in each (again, I have a lot of hair which is why I make more of it). 

The process? You shampoo and condition your hair as usual, and once it's all rinsed out, you use the apple cider vinegar rinse. Pour it over your hair, making sure to rub it into your scalp, but don't rinse it out. I squeeze out a bit of the excess so it doesn't drip all over me (the smell isn't terrible, but it isn't the best), and then clip it up while I proceed with the rest of my shower.

The first time I did this, I didn't spend enough time rinsing the vinegar out and could definitely smell it the next morning. So the second time I spent more time making sure it was good and rinsed. The smell did linger a little bit, but I put in some of my new favorite hair product (Herstyler Hair Repair Serum that I am OBSESSED with) and I was good to go. The rinse makes my hair super soft and removes the build up from all of the other hair products that I use to tame my curls.



whatcha’ reading wednesday

What am I reading?


How sad is this? The only book that I've read this year, was one that I started in the Spring of 2018! 

You don't have to tell me, it's super pathetic. I know. So my goal next month is to report back on not one, not two, but three books. I need to get in the game. When I'm not reading there is just a massive hole in my life. 

So I'm going to fill that hole.



I'm going back to April of 2012 when I finished writing Undone and sent out query letters to a handful of agents. To this day I'm beyond grateful that my email landed in the inbox of my super wonderful, amazing agent and that she found something worthwhile in my writing. 

It's been a journey to get from there to here, and it's not finished. No where close. I hope that you lovely readers will stick with me through the next projects that I write, and that you love them just as much as the Country Roads series.

You all are amazing and I value each and every one of you. Thank you.

follow friday

Sometimes we just really need something happy to follow because there is so much NOT happy stuff on the internet.  So this has become one of my favorite Twitter feeds, mostly because it combines two of my favorite things: Chris Evans and puppies. Really, what could be better? NOTHING. 

And just in case you need MORE puppies (because I always need more puppies in my life), this is another happy Twitter feed.

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silverscreen saturday

Okay, I'm going to be that person and discuss the movie that everyone is talking about. NO SPOILERS... well, sort of. One of the things I want to talk about is not really a spoiler that would ruin anything plot wise. But it's something that I loved and something that I've heard discussed with a fair amount of derision.

So here's the thing, I totally agree with the fact that not everything appeals to everyone. Otherwise life would be pretty freaking boring. A philosophy that I've always lived by is different strokes, for different folks. 

As I've written about them often, I'm sure some of you know that I'm all about that podcast life these days. The majority of the ones I've been devouring lately are about Game of Thrones. I've also been listening to a fair number of Marvel ones, both for the new movie and old movies.

There was one that I listened to (and subsequently stopped listening to) because one of the people on it wasn't the biggest fan of Marvel (and I don't really understand why this person was on this podcast in the first place when a lot of superfans are the ones listening). One of things that this podcaster was super vocal about not liking? The scene in the movie where all the superhero ladies had a moment of being BAMF's. I mean, they're usually BAMF's, so there is that. But her opinion was it didn't work for her, so it couldn't possibly work for any woman.

Yeah. Not so much. Because it worked for me.

I'll be the first to admit that the scene in Wonder Woman where Diana is walking across the battle field (also being a BAMF) had me crying. C-R-Y-I-N-G. I freaking loved it. I'd never seen anything like that before and it got to me in the best way imaginable.

Well, this scene in Endgame made me think of that scene in some ways, but I also thought it had it's own significance. Part of that reason is because it's a group of incredible women uniting to fight evil. I've been watching these 20+ movies for the last 10 years of my life. These characters mean something to me. I've grown attached. So I was all about that lady moment in Endgame when they band together and generally KICK ASS.

Why is it that no one really says anything when it's a bunch of men grouping together to fight. Because that's the expected. And that isn't to say that I had ANY issues with the men parts either. Not a single one of them, I loved all the man parts in this movie. Because I FREAKING LOVED THIS MOVIE. From beginning to end. I love these characters. All of them. Though, I will say, Captain America is my man. Hell, I based Brendan King (the hero from Undone)on him after watching Captain America: The First Avenger. So clearly he had an impact on me then and now.

I guess my point is, just because something doesn't work for you, doesn't mean you should put down those who it did work for.


small screen sunday

Okay, again, I'm going to do my best to not spoil anything here either, but you have to know this is going to be about Game of Thrones. But it is NOT about anything that happened in episode four that aired last night. This is a take on episode three "The Battle of Winterfell".

What with the fact that every other article on my Facebook feed, or every other Tweet on Twitter has been about her, if you haven't watched this show yet, you HAVE to know that Arya makes it to season eight. 

I've always loved Arya (she's in my top three, right after Jon and Dany). I also think that Maisie Williams is an incredible actress and would one day like to be friends with her. So let's just say that Arya was the BAMF of all BAMF's last week, and there was SO MUCH negativity around it too. Of all the character arcs on this show, there has literally not been a clearer one than Arya being a BAMF in the skills that she has learned. But when those skills are put to use in the best possible way, there is suddenly all of this criticism about how unlikely it is. And that she didn't deserve it.


And yet most of these critics are perfectly fine with Jon learning to be a dragon rider in 3.5 seconds. Again, not that much of a spoiler as after Jon rode said dragon, it was all over social media too. 

I guess this month I'm just feeling a little passionate about the fact that women can be bad@$$es too, and I really don't need the negativity from those who think otherwise.

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