Summer Days Drifting Away

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Written while watching Ocean's 11 for the umpteenth time and finding George Clooney to be as dreamy as always.

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music monday

So I saw the ever so fabulous Miss Lizzo on The Daily Show a little while back and was pretty much instantly a fan. She has been ALL over the place this month and getting a lot of well deserved love. She's also been blowing up my speakers as I can't stop listening to her.

She is a musical goddess and I worship at her alter...and by that I mean I dance around while I listen. Also, she's been retweeting threads from fans that depict the lyrics to her song "Boys" in picture form. My favorites so far:

1.) Dogs 2.) Michael Scott 3.) Jeff Goldblum

Oh, also, she plays the flute like a BAMF. 


talk to me tuesday

Okay, so I've become a huge Dax Shepherd fan over the years. He first won me over in Parenthood (oh how I loved that show, let me count the ways) but then he really got me with his #RelationshipGoals with Kristen Bell.

As I'd burned my way through all of the past episodes of Bachelor Party (a podcast I highly recommend if you are a Bachelor/ette fan) I needed to find something else to listen to, and that's when I cam across Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd. 

I've listened to half a dozen episodes so far, and really my love for Dax (and Kristen for that matter) has only grown. The concept of the podcast is Dax sitting down with a guest and discussing "the messiness of being human". And man are we messy.



whatcha’ reading wednesday

You might've caught my post on Instagram last week about this AH-MAZING book where I basically fangirled all over it...

"I saw a review of Red, White, & Royal Blue in a NYTimes article about must read summer romance novels. Next time I made an Amazon order I added this one to my cart on a whim. I do NOT regret my life choices. I started this book one evening and could. not. put. it. down. until it was finished.

Casey McQuiston sucked me in to an alternate world that was so freaking refreshing. I loved Alex. I loved Henry. I loved every single part of their story. Also, Ms. McQuiston made me cry more times than I can count, and I appreciated everyone of those damn tears. But I was smiling way more than I was crying. This book is amazing in so, so, so many ways."

I mean, it's about the first son of the United States falling in love with a Prince. I was pretty much hooked with the concept alone.



A little bit of summer happens so fast. 


Every time Bennett hit a wave, Mel’s thighs tightened around him and her fingers moved against him. She was tracing his abs, and damn, did he love the way it felt. But it was driving him crazy.

They hit another wave, and as it splashed up around them she laughed. God, he loved that sound.

He wasn’t sure how long they drove around for because he completely lost track of time. When he pulled into a small cove, the dark clouds he noticed earlier were rolling in. He’d kept an eye on them, and he hadn’t seen any lightning nor heard any thunder. They were just rain clouds, so he figured they were good to not call an end to the afternoon.

Bennett pulled up to a public dock and secured the Jet Ski before he got off and helped Mel up.

“You thirsty?” he asked.

“I could use a drink.” Her hair was windswept and her cheeks were flushed.

Bennett lifted the seat and grabbed two waters from the cooler. “You want to go for a swim?”

“Yeah.” She pulled the string on her shorts and let them fall to the dock. She put her water down and took off her sunglasses before she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head.

Bennett’s mouth went dry when he saw Mel in just her bikini, so he chugged the rest of his water. He’d seen her in a bathing suit before, but he didn’t remember ever liking it this much. It wasn’t one of those teeny tiny numbers that was only held together with string. The straps were thicker, and the triangles that covered her breasts were bigger than postage stamps. Again, she somehow pulled off modest and sexy all at the same time.

Bennett put the empty bottle next to hers and took off his sunglasses. He pulled off his shirt and dropped it on the dock next to hers.

Mel smiled as her gaze dropped to his abs, then she took a step back and dove into the water. Bennett followed, diving in and surfacing a couple feet from her. He swam toward the shore until he could stand and the water lapped at his shoulders. He wiped the water from his eyes just as Mel swam to him. She slipped her arms around his shoulders, and he pulled her legs around his waist.

“Hey,” he said, sliding his hands to her lower back.

“Hi.” Her hands came up to the back of his head.

He kissed her slowly. She opened her mouth to his and when his tongue touched hers, her entire body tightened around him.

Bennett wouldn’t have been able to stop the groan that came out of him if he’d tried. Nor was the water cold enough to calm the certain parts of his body that he needed calmed.

Then the skies opened up, and the water came down all around them. Mel pulled back and looked around. The rain was cooler than the ocean water and the contrasting temperatures felt good—not as good as Mel’s body wrapped around his, but good.

Mel stretched her head back further and looked up at the sky, exposing her neck as her ponytail dipped back into the water. She closed her eyes and the raindrops landed on her face, catching in her eyelashes.

Damn, she was beautiful.

follow friday

A few years ago I started a long distance friendship with Jessica Lemmon. We were both starting out as romance authors and bonded over a love for dogs, wine, coffee, and Henry Cavill. We talked pretty much every day and decided to go on vacation together before we'd ever actually met face to face.

Crazy huh?

Well, our friendship has only gotten stronger over the years and I'm going to be taking a little vacation to visit her...and the lake she lives on...and meet her new puppy. Also, it was her birthday yesterday, so you should stop over and say hello to her. 


Okay, so I have to give a little bit more love to Lizzo...or to be exact, her flute. If you want some seriously awesome sass on your Instagram feed, this is the place to go...and following the lady who owns the flute is also a solid choice.


silverscreen saturday

I don't do horror movies. I just can't. But, I do love a good thriller, and I really love an unrealistic thriller.

Dinosaurs? Bring. Them. On. Especially if Chris Pratt or Jeff Goldblum are involved. Also, this is the second time I've gotten to mention Jeff Goldblum in this newsletter, so this whole thing has been a massive success in my opinion. 

Aliens? If they involve Will Smith kicking some serious extraterrestrial butt, I'm ALL in.

Zombies + Brad Pitt? Sign me up.

Jennifer Lopez winning against a massive, man eating, anaconda? I'm down. 

So this weekend I watched a megalodon vs. Jason Statham and Dwight from The Office. My best description of this movie is Jaws on steroids. Bigger sharks, so many more teeth, and pretty impressive CGI. It was a very entertaining two hours. Plus, did I mention Jason Statham?


small screen sunday

I have a couple of guilty pleasures (most of them involving reality TV), and my summer one is HANDS DOWN Big Brother. I remember being in middle school when the first season aired and my mother not being the biggest fan of the I therefore would record it on the VCR in my bedroom (I know, I was a brat) and watch it after everyone went to bed.

I was OBSESSIVE about this show for a long while. But once I got into college (and streaming wasn't much of a thing then) I couldn't keep up with it. I have gotten back on the wagon the last couple of years and it's gotten to the point where I have a fantasy league with friends and family. My brother has won the last two years in a row...we shall see if that happens this year.

Highlights of the first week of this season? There is a Jason Momoa look-alike, a secret connection between two contestants that no one else in the house knows about, and a woman who's job is a wine safari guide. I had no idea a wine safari guide was a job, but I now know what I want to be when I grow up.

The only other things I have to report here is that The Handmaid's Tale is continuing to destroy me, and I've taken a step into the world of Euphoria...and it's more than a bit disorienting. But Zendaya is amazing and if she doesn't win an award for her role I will be shocked. Shocked I tell you.

As always, I'd love to hear from you on Social Media. So stop by and let me know what you're up to or just say hello!