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Written while watching The Mummy and still getting creeped out by those beetles like I always do.


music monday

I know I've told you guys before that I'm a huge Mumford & Sons fan. It was recently the anniversary of their first album (and I saw said post on Instagram), so I've had Sigh No More playing a lot.

I've also been listening to a little of Queen B this month. Lemonade, and specifically "Freedom" give me a little life when I need it, and I've needed a little life lately. 


talk to me tuesday

I discovered The Cut on a Tuesday and proceeded to binge it all in a week... and finish it on the following Tuesday.

Coincidence? Or obsession? Who's to say?

It's a podcast for women, by women. They have interviews with some very accomplished ladies on how they get it done, talk about issues that are super relevant (some more than a bit political), and get into some super interesting stories that seem to unreal to be true...but totally are.

I loved listening to it and will be tuning back in every single Tuesday from now on. 


whatcha’ reading wednesday

I bought Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo last month (thanks to a rec by Jessica Lemmon) and have been making my way through it.

Marie has already given me a number of good tips, like tracking my time, realizing that I keep giving myself bullshit excuses, and pinning down some of those causes of my anxiety. 

I started getting her emails when I bought the book and signed up for the free class, and this is a little something from the last Email that I thought I'd share with you lovely readers:

You have to do it by yourself, and you can’t do it alone. ️


The more people around you who believe in the figureoutable philosophy, the higher your chances of success. Plus, you’ll get that extraordinary feeling of connection and support along the way.

To celebrate the book debuting at #1 on The New York Times bestseller list, we’re extending FREE registration into the immersion course until October 13th. We want as many folks in there as possible because: 

  1. The program is FREE for anyone who buys the book in any form (Free is the best price ever, right??).

  2. I know in my bones that these 3 simple words will help anyone create massive change. Period!

So if you haven’t already, now is the time to invite friends to join you in this free coaching experience!

All they need to do is order a copy of the book (in any form) and enter their receipt number on this page: 


thankful thursday

I have a request.

I know Christmas is a few months out, but I'm already working on some holiday promo for An Unexpected Christmas...

When it comes to promo, the more reviews the better. So if you have a quick second, and you've read it, would you be so kind to leave a review on Amazon? I'd be forever grateful! And so would Jace and Adele.

fandom friday

Because I go ALL in when I get obsessed with something, I followed all of The Cut's accounts on Social Media.

So, since they are my current obsession, I shall share them all with you.


silverscreen saturday

I got to watch two movies this month and I enjoyed them both.

First up: Downton Abbey

I'm always cautious of sequels because odds are they are going to disappoint me. But this one SOOOOOOO did not. I absolutely adored this show when I watched it, and was more than a little heart broken when it wasn't on my television on Sundays. But seeing the movie on the big screen was so freaking worth it. 

Revisiting the whole Downton gang was absolutely GLORIOUS (both upstairs and downstairs). I love everyone, but my two favorites are the Dowager Countess (Dame Maggie Smith) and Branson. BRANSON! I laughed, I cried, I left the theater with a full and happy heart.

I know there are a few haters out there on the movie, but I am NOT one of them.

Second: Late Night

You would've had me at Mindy Kaling or Emma Thompson alone. But put them together and I am MORE than sold. 

I enjoyed this movie beyond words. Mindy Kaling is as enjoyable and delightful as ever, and is good with repurposing a trashcan as a more than adequate seat.


small screen sunday

Where to start...where to start...

How about with a little John Krasinski? So I had the desire for a little action one evening and decided to FINALLY watch Jack Ryan. 

Let me tell you I was NOT disappointed. In fact, I watched all eight episodes in three days. I could not HELP myself. It was so freaking good and had me hooked from the get go. I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting season 2 (which comes out next month). 

Next up, Hell's Kitchen. Yup, I've continued on with my Gordon Ramsey binge and moved on to this. The episodes on Prime are NOT censored and more than a bit eye opening at the start. But it's good to have on in the background when I am cooking myself.

Other shows that I watch that premiered recently?

The Good Place: We are two episodes in and I am excited for what is to come in this final season.

Survivor: I watched when it first came out years ago, and continued on for about eight seasons but fell off in college. I binge watched ALL of the seasons last year, and Boston Rob is my all time favorite survivor, so I'm excited that he's back this year.

This Is Us: Jack is back in my life. Fall is complete. 

As always, I'd love to hear from you on Social Media. So stop by and let me know what you're up to or just say hello!


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